Community Forum Going Live


Yes yes and it’ll be great cos most are using android phone it can help


Yup then you already can put all of them to mining Some free ETN :wink:


@Tanwax has promised of giving me some electroneum so I can give to those I bring on board I think that would help more


Every little bit helps Mining Some extra Etn as marketing and telling about how amazing etn is going to be in the future that they don’t wanna be left out :thinking:


Very good idea and I could earn aswell


Yup you could give them your referal code to earn Some extra yourself :wink:


Their on the way I gave you enough to give 10 people ETN


Really i will do exactly thanks


Will the forum… at any stage in the future, be accessible from the mobile app?


Most likely yes @NielR :wink:


@ETNCEO I don’t even know if this is a thing, but here it goes.

I nominate Rachel for the Global Electroneum community customer service award.

Rachel’s persistence and consistent help to the Electronieum community paints the face of professional standard and friendly disposition to the users she helps. This puts Electronieum at the top of the list in the crypto world for customer service. She was able to help my wife and I get the mobile miner up and working and made us all feel as if Electronieum cares about us thank you Rachel we appreciate you. Kudos and Kind regards.


@Rachel can help out she got my wife’s account sorted out :smiley:


@Emmanuel How is the adoption exercise going in your country Bro.


They are patronizing it but just that they really not in to cryptocurrency so some are only mining but some too wanna buy some and hold but good number are creating account…


Am also in Ghana and would be grateful to join forces to expand the knowledge of the ETN Project. Electronic is just great.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You will do great with all of the referrals you give out


Work with @Emmanuel you two can brain storm and work together on YouTube Videos