Community Forum Going Live




You can use your wallet email address to log in to the forum. The login button at the top does it all for you.

We are going to be migrating away from Telegram and moving users here where the incredible posts (and sometimes less incredible!) will be preserved and “Googleable”. Currently people take the time to write and post incredible things on Telegram and seconds later they are gone, never to be seen again.

Make a post, ask questions, answer questions, get involved. We’d love to start seeing our community users from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram all start to get involved together.

We are going to be using this to launch our Beta Vendors group for those early Instant ETN Payment adopters and we’ll also be using it to recruit agents and advocates on the ground in developing nations.

We have some incredibly exciting things coming out over the next couple of months, so visit often, give your input where you can and we look forward to seeing our community flourish and grow.

Let’s make something great!

Have a great day, and thanks for dropping by,

Richard Ells
Electroneum Founder



Thanks a lot Richard and Electroneum team.
This Forum will come in handy.

Looking forward to the day I can accept ETN in my online store



Happy to be one of the first ones to reply.
Telegram has become extremely crowded which makes it difficult to keep track of what’s happening. As a result, people keep asking the same questions over and over.
This is a great idea in my opinion as it’ll help group all the input from various sources together.

I do wish this forum was DECENTRALIZED. Maybe in the future? That would be extremely cool.


Happy to be here and great idea in having a forum where news and ideas can be shared.


Happy to join the forum and excited about the future of crypto with Electroneum.

Good luck and keep up with the hard work.



Great idea, the telegram group was too fast and furious. this will enable and ordered approach to questions and answers that is going to be easy to follow for everybody.

ETN is leading the way in Crypto.


I’m extremely happy to be here. I’m looking forward to enjoying my stay here. Great work ETN TEAM


This forum is a great idea. Glad to be here! Go ETN!


Congratz with the new forum.

Great idea, gathering people from all platforms to one place.

Keep up the good work!


It was a superb idea to create this forum. Let’s make Electroneum great again!


Your doing a great job Richard keep going buddy :grinning::grinning:


Happy to be part of the project that brings great piece of future.

Thanks to Mr. Richard Ells and whole team!

// Let’s make this community soo huge!

Best Regards!


Great job team! Looking forward to this community


Great job on the new forum. Everything looks great!


Hi, the forum is a good idea. I hope the value rises soon, but I can wait because I believe it will in the end.
All the best to you all.


Great idea! This forum will be great!


Happy to join this electroneum forum.


Fantastic! I always monitored what ETN was doing on reddit, and finally asked one question, only to be crapped on by the really hostile mod u/cantpeestraight. I’m really glad we can start a proper ETN community!:clap::raised_hands: Hi everyone!


Nice forum :muscle::+1: