Community Forum Going Live


Wow this is cool :sunglasses:. We are going forward


Great stuff ETN team, lovely interface and user-friendly platform. Of course it’s wonderfully created with community and ETN future objectives in mind - afterall it’s engineered by the best 21st century company called #Electroneum! The future is bright here.

Big up to you Mr. Ells and the whole #team.


Greeting from Nigeria! We strongly believe in ETN project.


When moon ? :smiley: i am kidding, keep up the good work :wink:


Mr Richard when you coming to Africa to preach to your people about #Electroneum.
I’m wining souls for ETN.
God bless Electroneum Team.
When Lambo??:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Great idea:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



This is a LOT better than using multiple media spots and especially telegram. A lot of people have missed the point of this… as a company gets as big as Electroneum has the. It needs a central fixed position of communication that all Electroneum users and fans alike can come together.

Thanks for another awesome progression Team ETN. Keep it up!

Damian Mooruth
Admin of Electroneum Universal


That’s so interesting. I am very glad to together do the great job with ETN forum Team!:cn:


Bro you’re right This is even should be the first thing to be in place


Yes thanks buddy it’s great to see everyone using it and engaging


This is Awesome! It is truly inspiring to watch all that you and your team do! Cheers and have a great day!


Nice job ETN. Can some one tell me why my disponible sold, on my whallet from the mobile miner it is not actualising???:frowning:


Hey @user84 there are more people that got the same problem send a support ticket to then they can help you out Im sure that they know about This problem already and are adressing it as soon as possible :+1:
There is more people with the same problem here:


Hi Mr Richard, i have one question, i wish to know how ETN vendors will manage price volatility?


Good one, have great interest using electroneum.


Well good to hear from you, I’m ever ready to be use as advocate instrument and get people involve from Ghana


@Emmanuel Send me your public key and I will send you Free ETN to give away to your friends in Ghana. try to find so.meone like a public speaker or News personality to give it too and share your referral code with them


Would be nice if this forum had a night mode switch.
Great and beautiful community forum though :+1:


Thanks, what I’m planning to do is I want to organize a meeting for my college friends we’re over 5k and I’m sure when I tell them about electroneum half or more would join,
Surprisingly in my hall we are over 1k but almost all those I ask about electroneum they don’t know but some knows of bitcoin,so Ghana should be a target too


I think you could bring a lot of New people to Electroneum over there @Emmanuel if you would explain to them about ETN i think Some of them might be interested :thinking: