Australian ETN users?


Hey guys, I live in Perth, Western Australia.

Do we have any other Aussies here? Sound off below if you live Down Under!

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

Hi Kungfool69,

I’m a long time etn supporter, living just 6 hrs north of Sydney.

There are many of us from Australia, I see this post filling up soon.

Let me know if you have any questions about etn, would be happy to help.


Hey Kung,
I live in Melbourne and I invested in ETN right back at the start.
I hope this project really takes off.
PSST: I also added some 3D to the Fan Art page.


Hey guys.

I’m an avid ETN supporter! I’m actually from Scotland but very excited and hopeful to make Australia the new home for me and the Wife. We looking to come to New South Wales, Just waiting on the 190 visa being granted!

Really hope ETN takes off and I hope to be one of the people helping spread the word in Australia when we get there :slight_smile:



Hi Kungfool69,

I live about an hour from Darwin city, NT.
Been investing in Electroneum since November and i’m looking forward to when this project really starts gaining momentum.


Hi JemJem,
I live in Surfers Paradise and have been with ETN from day dot, have 5 of my mates in it also.


Brisbane here. Love the project. Can’t wait to see it achieve all of it’s goals.


Hey guys,

I’m from Melbourne and have been with ETN since the ICO days.
I’m looking forward to being apart of this community and seeing where it takes us!


Living in Kalgoorlie, invested in ETN at the ICO stage.


melbourne here… been with ETN since crypto rich did his first episode with Richard! Enjoy the ride guys. ETN all the way.


Aussie here, also bought ETN during the ICO. I have spoken to people I work with about ETN, but none of them are really interested. It seems to me that aussies in general are quite oblivious to crypto. Most of the people I know scarcely understand Bitcoin, much less altcoins.


well im a aussie and I have a lot of ETN about half a million…i only buy off coinspot because they take care of all the exchange stuff. The only thing that worries me is our stupid government and there rip off taxes …last time I looked it was about 48% of any profit you make on crytos (what a joke) so if ETN go to 1 dollar that means 250 thousand dollars to them but im working on getting around this somehow…let me know if you have any ideas…nice talking to a fellow aussie


But do these taxes only apply once you’ve converted the cryptocurrency back into fiat currency? There’s not much clarity around this issue – even the ATO’s own website contains a rather nebulous explanation about this and doesn’t specifically address these concerns.

Anyway, the best thing you can do is buy from decentralized exchanges. In future, most crypto exchanges will be decentralized and there will be crypto banks (like what TokenPay and Crypterium are building) so all purchases, trades and storage of cryptocurrency will happen without government interference.


Hoping you won’t have to exchange it back for Fiat and you can purchase goods with your ETN so your not paying tax on the profits.
EG: Flights for a holiday at X amount of ETN


The crypto banks will allow you to do anything with crypto that you can do with fiat currency. You may not be able to buy a house or a car directly with ETN, but you’ll be able to trade it for BTC and use that to make such purchases through a crypto bank.


I live in Dubbo, NSW. Been in since Feb this year. I believe that ETN will be outstanding investment long term.


the 48% is if you’ve held the investment for less than a year, i think it drops to around the 24% mark if you’ve held on longer than a year. shitty none the less


thanks mate that sounds a lot better…ETN to the moon…


How’s Dubbo mate? It’s one of the places we have considered moving to (from scotland) looks like a nice place. I got my Aus certificate as a Fitter so trying to guage a balance between where is a good place to live and where has descent work prospects. Hope you don’t mind me messaging you here! :slight_smile: Just awaiting the 190 visa for NSW.


Yeah I have lived here since 1993. It’s a good town. Service centre for the North western part of the state. Can be hot in summer but usually mild in winter. All medical services & schools. Quite a few mines in surrounding area so plenty of those type jobs. Great place to raise a family. Lots of sports available too.