Alternative Option for CPU/GPU miners


Be careful, I’m sure you’re just allowed to mine one device per person


I wouldn’t be making that public and bragging about it as its against the terms of service, and if caught you will be banned and locked at of your account and say bye bye to coins. You are breaking the terms of service.


An now that you have admitted here on the forum where they can cross reference your details, the lock out might be coming sooner than later.


Bro. When you cheat the system, you cheat all of us.


Anyways, I haven’t mined anything since Asics took over ETN. If my brain can remember how to run XMR Stak without too much trouble, I’ll join.


CK! Long time! Hope you are well. Let me.know when your pool is up and running and i will point my rig in your direction.


The pool has been up for a while. The main one you can find at

CK just put a us node up and is still watching performance before advertising the address. He is putting a UK node up as well.


I seen someone posting something about final testing this weekend, so ive held off.


Its allowed if its real users, like he says ‘he’ is mining on 3, but what if it is him, wife, father, f.ex. its just him fixed it on all phones in a family.


All, @Crypto_Kangaroo has setup regional nodes for the US and EU. He’s very busy with his day job so getting the site updated and advertised is challenging at times. If you are interested in the GPU auto conversion mining pool that pays you in ETN, this is the pertanent information:

URL to pool:

Aussie node


6001 - Low end hardware
6002 - Mid range hardware
6003 - High end hardware
6004 - Cloud-mining / NiceHash

US node


6101 - Low end hardware
6102 - Mid range hardware
6103 - High end hardware
6104 - Cloud-mining / NiceHash

EU node


6441 - Low end hardware
6442 - Mid range hardware
6443 - High end hardware
6444 - Cloud-mining / NiceHash