About the Instant payment


Kindly help me know if every Electroneum user would be open to this feature or only the major companies and shop owners.
And if it’s for every country or only those in developed world that will have access to to the service.
And finally when cloud mining going live


I’d like to accept ETN whenever I can afford to open a shop. :slight_smile: We have no activities in our area really and we could use a place to host TCG tournaments or play chess. We’ve got a park, and a bowling alley with warped lanes… That’s about it. XD Everyone here pretty much just rides bike or longboards on the streets for fun. I think the biggest spot for people to network is our local gym. =/ Lack of any spot for anyone more into brain activities than they are physical. The closest place to search for something like that is 50 miles away, and people here actually take that drive.


As far as i know they will bring out an API integration for websites that you can use to put an ETN payment system on your website to be able to pay with ETN. And there is no date announced yet for the cloud mining when it would go live but i think they are working hard to release it as soon as possible :thinking::+1:


Everyone will be able to use the instant payment system, both as a customer and a seller.

On top of an API interface that will make it easy for instant payments to be used on websites and at electronic till points, users will also be able to do instant payments between one another using only their phones.

So you could sell something to a friend and have them pay you via the app on both your phones, and the transaction will be instant.


Cloud mining is currently under development, I believe, and will be tested once the Apple app is approved. It could still be some time before we all can mine ETN in the cloud.