A way to add Electroneum to WIX website payment methods?

Is there a way i can integrate the API into a WIX website payments?? Im super new super confused and very eager in getting this working properly. 100% beginner not a clue where to begin. Details would be very helpful.

Nearly 80 views and not a single reply for over a week now? Come on ETN give me something.

Last I heard, there was a mention of someone trying to integrate with Wix… Couldn’t give you a status or even confirm the validity of that claim.

There are a lot of people getting involved, so hang tight. There should be answers soon…


The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is. You probably need to write some javascript “plugin” that you load into a wix page unless wix has some kind of plugin system, then you could use that.

In general the ETN API is open, you just need a key and can make it work almost everywhere.


I wish someone would compile a step by step video tut on that. Would help a lot. Im not a programmer i dont understand the language i would just want something ready to go. ETN should develop something to make it easy. Pretty disappointing to be honest.

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Dude, to be honest, WIX is trash, do something on your own and you will get much better results, wordpress is a beautyful CMS and can replace your whole website within a few hours, additionally you will have much more functions and will be able to accept ETN Payment without struggling or waiting for an extension or something, i also dont think there will be something that you can implement easily into your site, im sure you will need to do this on your own.

If you are interested into exporting your site to wordpress then let me know, i could help you for a little ETN Donation.

Read this if you want to:

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