Need Webshop or Website?

Hello everyone,
im an self-employed webdesigner, programmer and examined computer science expert in germany and i want to give you an opportunity to get your own website/webshop to earn some ETN and spread the ETN-Payment System, all you need to do is to buy a domain and a webserver and i would be able to setup your very own website/webshop very quickly within a few hours. (its my every-day job :stuck_out_tongue:)

If some of you need a professional Website/Webshop then let me know about that and we can discuss some details to start your own business.

Note: Digital Products are very easy to sell, accepting ETN for payment makes that even easier and can turn into a big deal for you.

References: Details on request, i can set up webshops, multipage and onepage sites, gaming sites, cryptopools, csgo gambling sites (they are almost dead), Forums and much much much more.

ETN-Integration: If you want to add ETN-Payments to your “already running” website then we can do this too.

GDPR: Yes we can!

Best Regards.


That is really nice of you. Thank You



This is awesome. My daughter has a slime business and I would like her to have her own website. I have domain name already linked to her etsy account.