4 vote limit on forum is too low

imo, a 4 vote limit on important topics are way to low…
ive removed old votes to be able to vote again on more important topics
anyone agree?

I agree. A system to win more votes will be nice


i agree its to low especially when really a lot of users will be on here in the future then you keep having to move your votes all across :yum:

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@RSKNOR Oh my… I did not even notice the reason my voting is limited,… I better be careful what I vote for! :joy: Thank you for this note!

You should get new vote every 24 hours, but only be able to hold 4 votes. #problemsolved

yea your right more votes would be nice.

Well, we have likes image that are very similar to votes, frankly I really like that we only get 4 votes, use them wisely and on something very important. :slight_smile:

I definitely agree that the 4 vote limit seems very low especially with as activity as this community has been since the big launch. Though I can see how if the vote reserve is refilled regularly that the value of the votes themselves may become diminished. This may seem like a off-the-wall idea but what about a system place where votes for topics were tallied at the end of the week or month and the voted topics were given like a numerical rank with highest voted being given like a banner or some kind of award symbol that would display in their summary and on the topic label. After the ranks and awards are given then all vote scores would be set to zero again. If only topics developed or receiving new replies within the current period were able to be tallied it might avoid the same topics from getting awarded multiple times. Kinda out there and definitely not something that wouldn’t be easy (or maybe even possible to implement) but I think it’d be an interesting concept. Something like this might be able to incentivize members of the community to use all their votes within that period (since they could be refilled after), removing the potential of possibly underscoring the value of a vote by resetting vote score, and reward members actively establishing engaging discussion topics as these would net banner, reward emblems, etc. The major pitfall I can see would be a disadvantage to discussion topics established later in a period but I’m sure there are plenty others haha. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this, sorry for rambling.

Best wishes,

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Edit: Got confused between votes and likes in the comment below. :joy:

Agreed. I think there’s a slight bug in the vote limiter.

This page shows that Enthusiasts currently get 4 likes, Educators get 6 likes (1.5x), Professors get 8 likes (2x), and Geniuses get 12 likes (3x).

The page clearly mentions a daily like limit. However, I was only allowed 4 votes since signing up more than 10 days ago.

Should probably get someone from the developer team to tweak this.

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Votes and likes are two different things. The like is the heart icon you click on a specific reply, and the vote is used on the vote box at the top left for a new topic.

Oh wow. Totally buried my name there. Thanks for pointing this out @mls880 !

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likes or votes? I think u can do as many likes as you want right?

As I said, got confused between likes and votes there.

So votes seem to be just 4 per user.

Likes, I’m not sure. I’m liking a lot of posts throughout the day, and haven’t reached my limit yet.

Likes is 50 a day every level up you gain Some more % :wink:

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Agree but couldn’t upvote…CAUSE I’M OUT OF LIKES

Hahaha same , when do the votes reset or is that it