Zero balance cloud mining


I agree things should be as user friendly and hassle free as possible. I also agree they don’t want to deter potential customers by this and it should be fixed before mass amounts of new users are using. But I personally am confident they with make the according changes soon and definitely before that stage. :+1:


You have data switched on. No datahalt? It can be if you have switched of data or not dataroaming. Check it.


Here is the response I got!


I have been mining since February 3rd (ish) and I’ve extended it multiple times, and my balance has also shown 0. Here I thought It wouldn’t show until I reached 100🤦‍♂️… I asked about it in telegram but nobody in the entire group responded. Pretty irritated though now that I know it should be showing the pending balance. Sad, all for nothing I guess.


I have to ask the obvious. Have you clicked the refresh arrow on the top left?


This is a truly poor response to the issue @0ec530674182f74422ef is seeing.

How about, “We apologize that you are not currently having success with the mobile miner. A small percentage of users are not having success with mobile mining on the current version of the app. As always, we are looking for ways to improve the app’s performance issues to ensure a best in class user experience. Could you provide us with more phone spec information so we can work to resolve this issue quickly?”

Is a response like this unreasonable?


Yes, I have refreshed tons of times.


But all people know that we have terrible or rude support and they used often paste and copy responses… they pay than for closing the ticket it seems… I am realy disapointed… the teach side of project and support part are the worst… Community and idea is best from all project…


I apologise you’re experiencing this. I have spoken to my development team and they are looking into this issue. I understand the frustration, but we are looking into this. We appreciate your patience.


Thanks thanks 1st reply that i receive from team. I realy thanks for feedback - but monitor more telegram, twitter etc - bcs we speak about this for almost 2 days… I make a lot of giveaways i dont want 100 coins here is going about principles and feeling in newbies that download for 1st time - and if they have bad experimence they will uninstall and go away…


I have been monitoring the social media, which is why I alerted it to my development team 2/3 days ago. They will look into this. Again, we appreciate your patience.


Hi guys.

I can confirm this issue. My mining works flawlessly. I have introduced a friend who also seems to be stuck on a 0 pending balance.

She uses an Xperia XZ2.


Waiting since 3 days


I wait 7 days and still no payout, we are on same boat have patience or like Bega suggest raise a support ticket - but like i say not everyone can create a support ticket or we spam the whole team, they need to analyze and speed up selfie verification proces…
I have experimence with XLM - they use veriff from estonia - selfie process to KYC takes 5 minut and was verified in less than 5 hours and i get for free 25$…and they dont want any payslip, proof of adress etc… only my ID card and selfie with the card in my hand…


You can raise a support ticket. Everyone who has this issue, or any other issue can raise a support ticket.