Zero balance cloud mining


I have been cloud mining on Android for several days and still have zero balance. I have mined in the app in the past and also mined via PC. My wallet has balance but I have yet to earn anything via cloud mining and it has been about 5 days


Have you pressed the refresh icon on the upper right side of the display ?


Yes, of course I did. I’ve logged out and back in as well.


Zero wallet balance or zero pending balance on the first screen of the cloud miner?


Zero pending. The wallet balance is accurate


Close app completely and open. If issue persists it would be nice to have a screenshot of your cloud miner.

This may require a mods attention or a support ticket.


Have you clicked start cloud mining and taken selfie verification ? @0ec530674182f74422ef
Is your cloud miner active as circled below?



Looks like a support ticket needs to be made.


I have the same exact issue. I actually logged in to make a similar thread. Now that I see yours I’m really worried is actually a widepsread problem.
People say to do a support ticket, but if this it turns out to affect even just 1% of people… at 1 million miners that would be 10K accounts affected.
Clearly this is something that needs a patch instead of addressing it case-by-case.
Hopefully on the next update.


Luckily, there’s only about 100,000 active moblie miners, not 1 million. I guess I’ll open a support ticket


There is a theory out there that there may be more. When you click to extendthe mining it goes up by one. A community member notived and thought it might be that it only counts the amount of people logged in not the amount who are cloud minung.


We are expecting massive growth. This has to be addressed before it becomes a massive problem. 1 Million miners is nothing compared to what Richard Ells has said he expects this year. Imagine we start getting large user numbers and a substantial amount of people get turned off because of something that could had been fixed early.
You only get one change to make a good impression and we all remember how the ETN launch turned out back in 2017.


Imo they are probably already working on the next update to fix this issue. They understand the importance of having a working system. That is why they released cloud mining in the first place. Cloud mining was recently released it is reasonable imo that they have a few minor bugs to work out. Like I said I’m sure they are already working on this issue. They will not let it become a massive problem like you’re stating, it is a temporary issue with the recent release. The team has always been really good about this I’m sure this minor bug will be fixed soon imo they know the importance and are focused and covering all bases.

Perhaps if you sent them a support ticket and got it figured out that would help them understand the issue they need to fix quicker. If everyone thought “I don’t need to open a support ticket I’ll just wait” when something was wrong. How would they know there was a overall issue if they aren’t getting support tickets or feedback of that issue? I’ll just say again imo they are already fixing these minor bugs and the system will be smooth soon and defiantly before these user numbers you’re worried about.


I am going to open a support ticket and I will update with any response or resolution.


I got the same issue on my iOS iPhone app of the zero balance mining.


Have you clicked stop mining, logged out completely, close app than login and start mining again. Refresh button is in top corner of cloud mining page.


Yes, I have done all that, deleted the app.
I make an account for my friend and logged into this account on my iPhone and mined and it was working perfectly. But log out and log into my account and start mining and still showing as zero. Been like this for the last 3 to 4 weeks.


I would make a support ticket and let the support team know the issue.


I was going to open a support ticket regardless. I really want it to be sorted out before moving to mass marketing.