Youtuber Chico Crypto the biggest Fudster of ETN

This guy is on a mission to hate on ETN as much as possible , all of his videos regarding ETN are super negative we need to send him a loud and clear message

The only message we need to send is to ignore him. Honestly, don’t watch his videos and give him revenue just let the vast number of other videos prove him wrong


I never watch utube videos now. It doesn’t help anything. I think we just all need to research ourselves and follow the company release of information and its all good. Most of the people are terrible at presenting anyway and it all gives me a headache LoL.


lol this guy is a goof. I hope this guy bought at the highest price and sold at half a cent lol


Yeah just ignore him. :slight_smile: So many good ETN videos coming out now and new youtubers into ETN :0

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This guy is just entertaining people he swears every few seconds and repeatedly says hes been in the game for along time while drinking bear and smoking and just generally rambling on. Not sure why you would take him seriously…

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nothing in my post suggesting i take him seriously actually the opposite , im trying to expose him ! Which i have on his youtube posts

He’s a shit person. Not worth my time. NEXT!..

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So posting his video here and saying we need to send him a message giving him more views is not taking him seriously lol…

If that was the case you would have watched his video laughed and moved on.

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Destroy that DISLIKE button :smiley:

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thanks for the warning, but too late for me
I watched like 10 seconds of his mephistopheles before triggering a thumb down…

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hes now after Vechain too lol

Ouch, that’s so hard bro. Take it easy on the Pervert!!!

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your right my bad. Funny part is if I recall right he used to like etn but he took down the video.

Just dont watch his videos. Every time you watch his vids, he gets paid ad revenue.

When I see how many wiews of his ETN videos have crypto NWO l become worried about mental health of ETN community. This is such a shit talker.

Uhm… :confused: Point taken :+1: