Woocommerce marketing

Hi guys I see your offer of support to help market sites using ETN but there is nowhere to sign up. What is the point of advertising something if people can’t get what you have offered. I have integrated to ETN Woocomerce into my site https://I-Can-Help-You.com

I would email them of contact them through one of there social media platforms.

I thought this was the main way to contact them. It even has a link in the woocomerce add. Do you know how to contact support?

scroll down to the bottom of the page… :smiley:

which page do you mean?

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THIS page :slight_smile: - the one you’re looking at right now :slight_smile: - See it says support tickets.

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awww right lol thanks I contact them now


@ETNCEO is there any other way for Woocommerce vendors to inquire about marketing support other than support tickets? Knowing this would be valuable for the community so we can point vendors in the right direction if they have questions.