Withdraws on cryptopia have gone into maintenance


hummmm i wonder why !!!


Hopefully getting ready for masses of buying due to a huge price increase caused by Friday news of a mobile operater integration lol…


is it still under maintenance? that’s a couple of days already


Yup , just checked still updating


The last time this happened they said the ETN wallet on Cryptopia is so big it took a very long time to update it. That is a problem though that needs to get fixed as maintenance windows shouldn’t be this long. People can’t move coins and trade etc. Let’s hope a solution comes up soon.


Is this because of you @M-Kid :point_up:hahahhahaha


Probably, I love to wreck these exchanges! Lol :whale::whale2::whale::whale2::fire::fire::fire:


no worries i just sold back out into BTC then transferred to Kucoin and bought ETN and withdrew , always a solution !