Withdrawing from Kucoin help

How can I withdrew my ETN on kucoin? There’s no Network to choose from and it requires payment ID, Any advice?

If you are withdrawing to the ETN App there is no payment id required, ETN on kucoin is under the withdrawal section.

Click assets
Click withdrawal - should be listed there if not do a search for the ETN ticker,

Click network then ETN.

Just checked and it is there and is available for withdrawals.

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Thanks Plankton, the kucoin withdrawal when i choose the ETN network, enter my wallet address the submit button not working.

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they are asking for payment ID so the withdraw button will appear otherwise i can’t click it

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Try 64 zeros or entering the payment id they ( kucoin ) supply for deposits that should work as the app will ignore that

0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I believe that is 64 :laughing:

Just to reiterate this is for the online ETN official wallet and the ETN app only .

For all others like exchange to exchange use the payment ID supplied.

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Hi Plankton, I submitted a ticket to Kucoin to fix my problem, I guess its okey now, withdrew button already appeared. thanks


Glad you got it sorted, thankyou for keeping me posted…

Have a great day


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Hi Plankton_ETN,

I have tried your methos and the withdraw button is still not working to withdraw from Kucoin to Online ETN wallet. ANy other ideas? I have asked electroneum support for a payment ID but not heard anything yet. Any help would be much appreciated as Kucoin will soon take my ETN if I don’t get it out somehow.

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You need to contact kucoin support, only they can assist you as it is on their exchange.

When withdrawing to thebetn wallet there is no payment id required, you can use the one they supply for deposits or use 64 x 0

Here is the lonk for their support team

Hope you get it sorted asap.

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I just withdrawed to ETN wallet without entering a payment ID and it worked. Entering a payment ID will fail for me.