Why no one can truly predict the price of Electroneum


Reading a lot of articles lately and I seem to see a huge trend in that no one in the crypto world knows the value of ETN, now and in the future. There is way to much difference between many sources. With one article even stating it will plummet to $0.00.

What it does come down to is its’ potential user base. For all we know it could very well be as viral as Pokemon Go which still boasts a whooping 20 million plus users per day. Let that figure sink in for a little if ETN gains the like…lets say even just 1/4 of those users are paying their data top ups etc. for arguments sake lets say $10-$20 each.
Total that and you get $50 million - $100 million worth of ETN being used on a daily basis. This is a dream figure but can not be ruled off the cards. Even 500k users is still a huge leap. In my opinion that confuses some in the crypto world because lets admit it…there are a huge amount that still have no real “USE” case yet.
Plus some still say they buy data and the merchant will sell to make their fiat money…rewind back a little and many will remember Richard himself saying it will be an ecosystem where the MVNOs will use a portion for rewards etc…
So in reality i think price wise most articles are either wrong or right, we just don’t know yet. In any price chats you see a lot even within the community saying ‘dream on’ when one states it will reach $100/ETN. Why not? may not happen over night but why couldn’t it? In reality to the price of ETN We just don’t know yet. It really is a tough cookie to crack

Let me know your thoughts on the matter. What are the reasons articles can’t figure out a prediction? Why can’t we reach $100?
I would really like to know this as in my mind there is no ruling anything out of the equation at this stage.
Note that I have not factored in investors, hedge funds etc. just purely user base.


Good point, nobody really knows. Is like BTC, idk how many visionaries were predicting $19k back in 2009/10. So yeah it could go anywhere. I believe that the gig economy website will definitely increase the use case for ETN and hopefully the user growth. Also once the mobile operators start implementing ETN as a payment its gonna help big time. Here the main goal is to retain as much ETN posible in the ecosystem without exchanging it for FIAT.

My price prediction is $1 by the end of 2020.


you are correct…mass adoption and real use case will increase the value drastically…I just don’t see any way around it.


Mt problem with prediction is, it mess with people, newcomers minds! Make them hold onto twigs that most of the time will brake? Let us rather send out the true message of, a fantastic company like, will give you the returns you want. For some it will take 6 months, for other like me, I am in for long term I I saw predictors, predict ETN will be 0.035 end of 2019! I KNOW they do know nothing about collective conscience? Positive energy attracts positive epople with positive outcomes? So, if BTC can jump 10000 , why not ETN??? Lets not predict, but believe? :joy:


No one knows because there are just to many factors to have to try and predict, overall market value, regulations, acceptance, bitcoin dominance, other projects and so on.

Only once the market becomes very stable and more mature would you have any chance of predicting prices. Its to early and changes too quickly. One single piece of news can send the market sky rocketing or crashing, it happens all the time. So predicting the price is just not possible, your just making the most educated guess possible.


The Price of ETN will be decided by what People think it’s worth. The Current price only shows you what the last guy sold it for. If everyone holding ETN decided to not sell a single one until 50c it would be 50c tomorrow. Obviously that isn’t going to happen but my point is that as Electroneum bring out new use cases for the Coin, such as the Instant Payment System, the Gig Economy Website, Partnerships etc the belief in ETN will Increase.

How much so, is anyones guess.