Why ETN still not listed on bigger exchanges

from the past 6 months ETN is expected to be listed on bigger exchanges to roll up some volume and increase its per coin price, I am surprised what is holding the electroneum team that the coin still not listed on famous and heavy volume exchanges like,

Hitbtc (heard several time about to list but not)
Binance (why we wait for free listing? )

it is very important to keep up the value of the coin and most people judge the coin where the coin is actually listed and invest on it … ETN team please do so as soon as you can !!! we love this coin and expect to move fast before reaching end of year

Don’t get too hung up on HitBTC, it is not a good exchange and their users are all over social media highlighting being locked out of accounts amongst other things. I personally dont care if we do/do not get listed on HitBTC.
Electroneum have clearly held off hitting the big exchanges in what i can only call a gamble. I think they made the wrong choice of leaving it too long being listed on only Cryptopia (at that time)

On the other hand however, you don’t want to be listed on Binance right now. Binance are charging STUPID amounts to be listed $3-$4 Million Dollars. While Binance willl cause a price pump of perhaps a few hundred percent at best, would you prefer a 300% pump when ETN is at $0.005c or a 300% pump when ETN is at $0.25?
Now if you are up to date with Exchanges such as Binance, you will know that they make up their price for listing based on their knowledge of the Coin/Token. For example they will charge ETN the Full amount of a few million Dollars because they… and i quote “do not like big ICO’s” So basically if a coin like ETN has an ICO of $40m they want literally 10% of your entire Investment amount from your ICO Investors. I absolutely hate them for this! This is not what Crypto-Currency is about! They are the school bully’s and to enter their playground you must pay!
IMO Richard would be a fool to pay such fees, $3-4m is enough to keep Electroneum LTD going for years, why should they spend this amount of money just to Increase the price of ETN from $0.005 to $0.015.

Timing is key, and now is not the time.

Let them bring out their product, then the exchanges must adopt us, then the value will go up based on project value and not artificial pumps caused by Exchanges alone.

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well said … totally agree with you!

I agree HitBTC is probably not the best exchange, not sure if fake or not but dominant ppl on social media is pissing on them now

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We need services that make it easy to buy ETN. Exchanges are still too complicated. Ark has made a partnership with Changelly that allows you to buy ark directly with credit cared from the wallet - we need something like that too. The fees are a bit high but the idea of that kind of convenience is what is required.

I totally agree. I’ve said before and will keep repeating the undisputed fact and number one rule of sales: Make your product easy to buy. The greatest priority should be to make listing on and buying from exchanges totally irrelevant.

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Yes I agree. All it would take to make it easy to buy ETN would be to to have a buy button in the app that loaded the changelly web page. Even if it wasn’t fully integrated and you had to cut and paste the wallet address, it would still make it possible for your average consumer to purchase and use ETN. IMO 99% of people wont use an exchange.

I think this would be a great intermediary solution to the problem.

Does anyone know what is involved in this financially?


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Hey Mulder! Check out the Liquid exchange! You may find it easier to use

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After ETN gets approvement and becomes one of the international payment system, it is better to enter that world.

I think there will soon be ways to buy ETN that will bypass the exchanges so it’s all good. Screw them and their ridiculous fees. Most people will never be bothered to sign up for exchanges - its too complicated and easy to lose your money.