Why 500 confirmations?

Transferred ETN from my online wallet to Huobi. Transaction completed on ETN blockchain, but Huobi informs me that it takes 500 confirmations to show as balance on Huobi.
Can anyone tell me what the need is for so many confirmations? This will take a very long time :worried:

It was publicly stated a while ago that there was suspicious activity noticed and exchanges were advised to increase the number of confirmations required for transactions.


It takes around 24 hours for the 500 confirmations…

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Well, I transferred some yesterday and it was 50 confirmations. It took a little time, but better safe than sorry.

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It takes 50 conformations to show process completed in ETN wallet, but it does not show in Huobi wallet till 500 confirmations have completed. I last deposited in Huobi around five fays ago, so maybe it has reverted back to 50 confirmations,
since then.

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