Which are the other cryptos worth investing in 2019?Express your thoughts


There are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies on the market.Many of them may not survive.Many of them are fake(not really blockchain ).Share your thoughts about some trustworthy cryptos.



Im only Emotionally connected with two projects.
Being emotionally motivated probably isnt wise from a trading point of view…alas it motivates the research in me at least. Not to mention the squirrel inside!
Electroneum is my primary and favourite project in the space.
Elastos is an amazing project also.
Unique robust and very well run
elastos.org gets you to the website!
DYOR…always before investing.
I lean towards mineables for security.
Theres a couple of others, none that I really want to risk my nuts on at this stage.ZRX (Ox), BAT (Basic Attention Token) PWR (Power Ledger)
Another couple I would say are good from a trading point of view…
For now Im tapped out, just doing my research and following up on the selected few alternatives for when I deem Electroneum to be out of reach to buy more of.


So my main is Electroneum always will be but I hold small amounts of btc ETH ltc xrp ada trx miota not zec omg bat qtum theta. I think I’m forgetting a couple cause Electroneum is the only one that matters to me. The others I have a very small amount of just to see where their projects go in the long run.


Electroneum is my favorite and most invested in. I participate in many Airdrops, new ico giveaways, etc. Little investment and always a possibility of becoming something, or selling for more ETN.
Currently held coins include: BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, TRX, DGB, KCS, Pareto, Endchain, THOR, and EtherDiamond.


My current portfolio is: 50% etn + 25% btc + 12,5% usdt + 10% xmr + 2,5% ltc,


My current portfolio is:

30% ETN (holding and buying since march)
10% BTC (bought for 3 days)
10% MIOTA (since ICO)
50% Cash, waiting to jump into ETN :wink:

Sold the most cryptos in february… and than found ETN :sunglasses: