What's responsible for the low price of etn recently?

Please give your inputs.

Price not important at the moment. In many ways this is a blessing for those holding YEARS not days or weeks


Bitcoin and Ethereum price going down, less people buying ETN while its supply is increasing, reason for that is ETN has not shown any promising movement recently. But only short sighted people would be concerned about that



You have already received few replies to your question and I would like to add mine.

You need to look at the overall market, not just at single cryptocurrency like etn. That should give you an immediate answer.

There are some other aspects as well which contributes to the price. Investors like to see more than just promises and electroneum is still on its infancy. The team is working hard to distinguish themselves from others and establish an actual working product instead of hype and false promises.

Electroneum teams strategy is to actually have something in their hands which they can present to the investors in order to attract attention. They are learning how to walk first before can run. And I strongly believe they are doing everything they have announced. Only after that they can start actively promoting their cryptocurrency, showing everyone that their product actually have real life uses.

Hope it helps.


There is no exact answer on this question. The most wrong answer for me is that BTC price is going dawn. BTC has his own investors that have poisoned them self with it and they do not/ don’t want to recognize other crypto value. The ETN has huge community and most important the goal that must be reached. At the moment the price is irrelevant. The believe the ETN will be the way of instant payment is of greatest importance and the day when ETN price will rise it will rise fast and huge.


Like some others have said no one can say for certain but whats likely is bitcoin still has alot of dominance so when that falls often the market does also. The crypto currency market is still in its infancy a very low number of the worlds population is involved in crypto. The market is still growing rapidly and regulations, agreements and new technology are changing everday, with all this change the market is very unpredictable. Try not to listen to price predictions or people telling you they know exactly whats going on no ones does exactly, any money you put into this market is a gamble and you should only put in what you are prepared to possibly loose.

Often things like news can effect prices. so for example when big news comes out about maybe country backing or accepting crypto the prices go up because of many reasons. Then at times we have had news of certain countries trying to ban or banning crypto causing prices to drop. But the are 100’s of factors to take into account.


You have a point here Sir

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ASIC miners of course - They mine over 8 million coins a day and they have to sell to cover the expense.
When there is more sellers than buyers of course the price will go down