What might you hire someone to do using gigguru?

Some examples had been provided already in the lines of graphics and video edits.
I’m making this thread so we can share ideas on what we could hire someone to do.

1: I’d be willing to hire people to do a video selfie that would function as a greeting card. Birthday, Valentines, etc. Tailor it to the person who is getting the card. This works for me because I know that while the total amount of money is not much, the amount of time required is not much either.

2: I’d love to see other ideas. Lets hear yours.

Translate and transcribe audio. Right now if you use Rev, for example, they claw in half the profits from their employees. It would be nice to bypass this with Gigguru.
Quality control would of course become an issue, but all it would take to fix that would be having the proper Rev-style platform integrated into Gigguru.


Sounds simple, but when I put my homestead into side hustle production mode, I’ll probably hire out the graphic design for a logo.

Something combining quail and plants and what not. Still have to come up with a name…

Perhaps some web design as well?

All things I could do myself, but why not see what the gig economy can come up with?


One thing I noticed in my travels, are restaurants and hotels all over Europe with abysmal English in their advertisements. A proof reading service might be a good gig service. I have done some for a friend with a hotel in Switzerland, but I just get paid in beer once every 5 years when I go visit.

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I would get logos made for new business ventures, Copywriting, web design, speed optimization, art work- portraits for example. I just hired someone on fiverr to make my friends dog into a portrait like this: Then I transferred it onto a mug and gave it to her for her birthday, she loved it!

Also a Virtual assistant or researcher for daily tasks. I’m all about out sourcing :slight_smile:


Well Rhyming is very easy to me. If anyone wants a song reworded to mean something else I’d be willing to do that for some ETN. Pick the song and what you want it to be about and I’ll reword the whole thing.

In the coming months I’ll be getting a laser engraver/cutter and there are so many things I can do/make with it. I’d be willing to accept ETN when I get that going.