What Happened to the COO?

I see the COO was a no show at the Conference then shortly after off the web page and her Linked In shows Electroneum as a former job… Do we have any reason why she was just gone over night?

Last I heard it was a family emergency.

Didn’t realize she is no longer employed until now.

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I heard that news also i don’t know what happend but hopefully she will find a good job again!

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The timing is very unfortunate.

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Yes, she was taken off the site too. Its sad we didn’t get the info but at the same time the reason is probably due to the effect on the price and reputation.

How we like to speculate and think without having the faintest idea of ​​what we are talking about.


True. Gossip is a human thing, leads to wild speculation.

People come and go. Some people arent cut out for the job, others find a more lucrative career opportunity elsewhere, its all normal. I had a senior exec in my company leave after about 9 or so months because she was head hunted by another company who were willing to pay her more. Its fine and nothing to speculate about at all.


Exactly, there is nothing strange here. This happens in all companies for more reasons than you say. But I meant what I wrote about the timing. Electroneum’s large community is taking interest in every move that is made and right now is not the best time to have the COO stepping down as it could be the most important moment since launch. People start to overthink and worry to much and speculation begins and I’ve seen it on telegram, facebook, twitter… Imo, just like a public listed company would have done, Electroneum should offer an explanation to stop the gossip in social media.

Just because we own ETN Coins doesn’t give us a right to know every little detail of what is happening within the Company Electroneum ltd. Us as a Community being nothing less than nosey doesn’t mean Richard can break HR laws and tell us personal details of why someone has left their possition within the Company.

I would love to know too! But Company’s don’t work that way! If someone resigns it is their personal right to that being kept private.

Don’t expect unreasonable things of a Company, just because you bought some Coins, they must stick to rules and regulations and in the UK (don’t know about where you are from) a Company speaker cannot tell the world the circumstances of someone leaving unless the departed has given full permission for them to do so.

For all we know, she was holding us back and unfit to do the job, she wasn’t confident enough to stand up on a stage and thats why she never attended the conferance on Thursday and this is why she needed replaced… we may never know! But please don’t pick problems with this because nobody including Richard can do anything besides Communicate that someone else is joining to replace the COO.