What are your best Photoshop alternative

When ever i am away from my computer and don’t have access to photoshop then i prefer using browser based photo editor like photopea, photopulp,canva this are some which i use which do most of the work which photoshop has, Is there any other editor which this community want to share do let us know. Thanks, yeah one i missed which is desktop based GimP

These articles aren’t directly related to what you asked about, but it’s relavent I think and I just stumbled across it today while looking into figuring out how to get back my High-pass filter plugin in Gimp 2.8, haven’t updated to the latest version of Gimp which I guess has a new High-pass filter plugin included.

And if you use Gimp I recommend checking out Partha’s builds, he includes lots of plugins and things not included in the regular install.


This article lists a few you didn’t mention and links to the ones you did mention.

Remove BG looks interesting

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I tested Remove BG with a couple of random photos of varying complexity and while it couldn’t quite give perfect results on areas where the background was similar to the FG image it was fast and impressed me.

The results were mixed, but they are on to something…it’s really fast, almost instant.

Did a nice job with hair for that fast.

So I think if the image has a simple background or not too many similar collisions with main image it probably is a feasible alternative to at least do the heavy lifting of a BG removal.

Wish you could adjust feather settings and had an option to use softer eraser brush in editing section after the initial step.

After trying Anytask, Photoshop became the alternative.

Lol, That’s Funny :slight_smile:

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Lol its so funny, ha ha h

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I think Canva or PicMonkey for browser apps? Gravit Designer also looks rad but haven’t tried it yet.

I advise you Krita :grin:

thanks every one for sharing some great tool which no the work of photoshop, after using some of the tool like photopea,photopulp,canva,and toolpic most i like is toolpic photo editor it do lots of the work which i do in photoshop.

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