What an AMAZING 2020 For Electroneum

What an amazing year 2020 has been for Electroneum as it heads for an even better 2021. From AnyTask to a prestigious award and many collaboration agreements, and more new use cases for ETN users.

Read our overview of the top Electroneum achievements throughout 2020 on the Electroneum newsroom.


It bean a good year steph yes :+1: and I think next year will be better and we thank you and the teem fore all yore goog work and efforts you and teem have put into etn this year and all hopes for a better new year.


Interesting video, nice to watch. In particular I liked Richard’s vision about the DeFi/CeFi subject and how he explained ETN’s functionalities in it, completely in line with the longterm goals of Electroneum.
Indeed 2020 was great, 2021 will be awesome.

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