Well here we go the downward spiral


Looks like the good times are going down the drain

Sorry everyone not trying to stir

amaturish response from someone who wants to trigger the insecure into selling more. when the whole market has just dropped from 224bn to 216bn , THATS ALL COINS amature !


Just calling a spade a spade


Coins are always up and down. I wouldn’t worry about it. The project stands on its own merits. Significant returns are still 1-2 years away for sure. Looking at the price every day is pointless unless you are a day trader. Just leave your coins and check in once a month or something. I see people in crypto becoming too obsessed with price watching all day long. Remember its never a good idea to invest in things with your emotions. One day maybe it works for us maybe it doesn’t. No big deal. I want to see people using the product not just people trying to get rich off it. If no one uses it the price will never go up. We all need to be involved in it to make it work and we all need to be patient.


I’m all for diversity of perspective, but respectfully a little over-the-top dramatic post don’t you think?

Facts not opinions:
ETN is ranked within the top 50 at the time of this post, and the value of ETN is up over +300% in just over a week. I’ll take that all week every week and any week it does this, and will continue to HODL and accumulate even more ETN.

So far there is nothing to indicate this is anything other than healthy price action: impulse move followed by correction. Typically followed by another impulse move, correction…wash rinse repeat. Rather textbook.

In the future just remember you once had the opportunity to buy ETN at under 2 cents and referred to this period of time as “the good times are going down the drain.” Truthfully the good times - the very best times - are not found at the peaks, but in the troughs: only at the lowest prices of valuable projects exists the opportunity to capture its full potential.


$0.015 bounce :wink: watch and see !

Buy the dips ! $0.05 jump… Maybe more… The turn in the dips are easier to predict than the run up.

Lowest I would expect would be $0.01… And if you don’t buy there you’ll be forever paying more.


Thanks I feel a little better i know this coin is way under valued it’s frustrating at times glad I got a good community I can vent to


I feel better now this up down stuff tends to make you dizzy at times I know etn is undervalued that is part of why I get frustrated


I hope it does a .20 where we should be


Were about to moon. Just saying


R U SERIOUS WITH THE POST? I will assume u are new to crypto and disregard it as analysis by a novice. The fact that the price is going down is a healthy correction, it cant keep going up all the time.


Read my next post and see


Up and down is perfectly natural. I am very happy to see a move up and a 50% - 61.8% sell off.

That is perfectly natural price action. It’s nothing to worry about.

ETN had a slow but steady grind upwards which is great. Exponential run ups make me pay attention.

The trend will generally be up based on fundamentals regarding ETN and will continue with 50% drops.

Just sit back and relax. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have time on our side.

If you want to sell to catch a falling knife to make a few more ETN then go ahead.

Or if you are happy with your ETN stack size then just sit back and chill out.

Let Richard and the team do the work. ETN is under priced right now.


Perhaps try to look at this objectively and learn how to identify chart patterns. For example, a “downward spiral” has not been confirmed because according to current one day charts, there is downward price action however, volume is low and decreasing right now. This indicates that the market is resisting a lower drop and not in favor of it. We’ll see though.


@mulder I totally subscribe to your viewpoint! Remember its never a good idea to invest in things with your emotions. That is a very true statement! I am excited about ETN and where it will go and to me it can take what ever time it needs to go on that journey. We all need to be involved in it to make it work and we all need to be patient. This by far is the truest statement in that if this coin does not get integrated on some sort of daily use than global domination will be harder to acheive. It is not just wanting the coin it is about also using it! Great post @mulder :slight_smile:


Either way is fine. The only though I had while watching the price hit .02 USDT was “Darn it! Wish I would have bought more at .005 USDT!!”.


I think it will hold around a low 1.5 and work it’s way up


Millions of new coins in circulation, wallets Went online… This Is perfectly normal And healthy mate - SUPPLY/DEMAND!!!


It is on the rise now, and should be past where it was a couple of days ago by tonight before I go to bed!


Sooner or later you will see that ETN wont go on a downward spiral anymore and yes you got ups and downs but there is only one future for ETN and that is going up :rocket: