We have some problems with KYC!


Dear ETN holders,

We have problem with KYC through YOTI app!
Our country, Iran, is not in the accepeted country list in YOTI. So, we cannot pass KYC process!
Who can help us with this problem.
How ETN team can address this issue?


Don’t worry, for any countries which Yoti don’t accept the team will find an alternative process until they do. Wait for info next week on it.


yes for algeria too we have same problem


the same problem in china


As already said before on the forum there will be other options offered by ETN team you’ll discover when it’ll be available :wink:


Many thanks for your reply dude!


Many thanks dear BegaMutex!


ask ur leader to end it’s nuclear weapons program and tell him to give back the American taxpayers dollars Obama sent him, the Iranian people should be inclusive in crypto! Hope they get Kyc working for u mate :+1:


Unfortunately you’ right my dude!
But the nuclear issue which had implemented by the government doesn’t matter to me!
All of governments in the world have lots of wrong decisions!
I hope we,Iranian people, can pass the KYC