We about to pump guys



Can you elaborate on this? Not really sure what I’m looking at in comparison to future price.


breakout from a falling wedge formation is usually a sign of reversal after a long down trend. It’s at that breakout point now.


oooh excellent news :slight_smile:


Just a quick note that is possible we could have break out, but this crypto market can not be accurately timed by any type of chart, graph due to massive manipulation of BTC and most Alt Coins. No chart can predict if some whales want to run the market up and the next day instantly dump it, then do it over and over again. I would love to share in the sentiment that we are going to pump, but if you have been in crypto as long as I have you know that you can take pretty much any chart or graph and use it for toilet paper because it is pretty much going to get $hit on! :poop::poop::thinking::scream_cat: