Wanted: Tracking service of LARGE etn transactions


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https://electroneum101.com/statistics/ collects data from https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/
and graphically presents some interesting Electroneum Blockchain Statistics.

I would love to see a “tracking service” of really LARGE etn transactions (outputs) occurring on the blockchain, something similar to Whale Alert (https://twitter.com/whale_alert) but from Unknown wallet to Unknown wallet of course



Transaction amounts on the blockchain are not accurate at all. Remember, the privacy nature of ETN obfuscates the info.



I understand, but sometimes there are still some very large 1-6 million outputs occurring, suggesting huge transfers between some wallets

For instance in this block: https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/block/462785



I would like to see 24 hour volume of transactions both in $ and in amount of ETN

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are u guys thinking ETN was taken from cryptopia?

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not really, nothing on the blockchain suggests it imo, but I would like to have this feature.
When LARGE (albeit obfuscated and approximate) amounts are moved around, I would love to get a notice

I’m not expecting the team to create this service, I was hoping @benjaminoo or someone else in the community would be able to pull extreme outputs data from blockexplorer and tell us about it when they occur :smile:

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so we know when a big company moves etn to an exchange to sell we can be ready?

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There is no way to tell who is sending who and no way to detect or track a spesific exchange wallet, but high volume transfers are imo somewhat interesting and always open to interpretation



Thats where we find Web traffic very interesting.
If you look at the spikes in web traffic on various platforms its usually (UNLESS ELECTRONEUM COMMUNITY IS VOTING) indicative of volume increasing.

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When you create a transaction, you sign previously received inputs and create new outputs; looped change outputs and destination outputs. Inputs must be used all at once, you cant split them up in your own wallet before using them. From an outsider perspective it isn’t possible to distinguish between change and the outputs sent to someone else. That is to say that you may use a huge input that you received before in order to only send say, 10 ETN, and in doing so put a giant change output on the blockchain.

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