Wallet balance not updating and mobile miner not working

The last couple of months I have stopped using the mobile miner on android, because I would have to keep the miner open on screen constantly for it to work. As soon as I did something else with my phone, I would have to restart the miner.
Yesterday I moved some ETN from an exchange to my Electroneum Wallet, I could see the updated wallet balance on my.electroneum.com, however it did not update the wallet balance on my android app.

I deleted the app and reinstalled it, at suddenly the wallet balance were up to date, and now even the mobile miner seams to be working just fine again.

I tough I might drop this info here, just in case anyone else has the same issue.

Edit: 1th Feb. 2019
I spoke a little too soon, the mobile miner still does not stay active for a long time. I know electroneum team are aware of this, but they are focusing on getting out the new cloud mining update. So for those of us that has the issue of the mobile miner stopping, we will just have to be patience a little bit more