Vote for ETN Listing on Upcoming THORCHAIN Exchange


THORCHAIN is an interesting and upcoming exchange which currently is voting for coins to be listed once it opens. Can read all about THORCHAIN HERE

If you want to vote for ETN use this link:

Be advised, it is not free voting, you will need Metamask and about $0.12 of ETH to vote. Also the link above is my referral link and I will get 5% of the ETH that is used to vote for ETN. If you already have RUNE tokens, it costs 1 RUNE but is not removed from your wallet. If no RUNE, click Next at that point.

I’ve been fascinated with THORCHAIN, the RUNE token, and their exchange since they started and hope to see it do well.



Here is another new exchange

I can’t vouch for their integrity level or lack of.