VE-chain help needed

hi guys! I have en important question but it is not about ETN. @Plankton_ETN could you put my question to correct topic pls… is about VeChain… is anyone here who keep that coin? Apparently they do some changings until 31 of December…and I am not sure in 100% what is going on could anyone explain me a bit…VeChain Thor wallet is changing to VeWorld… and they telling to migrate mobile wallets to new VeWorld mobile wallets… but on Play Store is a lot bad reviews about that new wallet… my question is anyone know something about it? is it legit? IMO it is a sca… to migrate they ask to put your word phrase… sorry for of topic but this is important for me!

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this is the link from the website looks fine

looks like you install the wallet and just use your passphrase to import your existing wallet , or create a new one and maybe send from your old to the new?


thx mate… I did a bit of research and looks like all are legit.