Urgent Message to Richard Ells

I just saw BuyGigs.com Domain name is available to purchase on Godaddy for almost $2300 USD, much better name than Gig.guru

ETN team u must Grab it. Don’t miss the opportunity.

.com will be always the king.



It’s a nice idea @Cryptoman or they could link those 2 togheter or make one of them the main that will automatically link to the other one :thinking: Richard I think you should take a look at this idea @ETNCEO :wink:


Yess possible! Gig.guru can be redirected to BuyGigs.com.

I personally feel buy gigs is the right words for the gig website.
Super easy to remember & market. It will be easily viral


Did they say it’s going to be gigs.guru?

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Yess… they did mention in the interview series with all about tech…

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Haha I see. Well this is my opinion. The gig.guru domain is not pretty at all. I hope he was just saying as an example. Also most non tech savvy people think all domains are dot coms. A dot com would be much easier.

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Nope… it wasn’t an example… really they choose gig.guru as gig economy website.
And yes i do agree with u all non tech people mostly type in .com for most of the url.

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Yeah as far as I know Richard already mentioned it a couple times before that it’s going to be gig.guru.com hopefully he will see this post and maybe do something with it :wink:

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Gigguru.com is already owned by someone. . So they got gig.guru

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I think I remember him saying that GigGuru as an example of a possible partner.

I do actuallay like gig.guru its catchy and easy to remember.

Gigguru.com is good not gig.guru

.com is universal

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Buygigs and gig.guru both can draw traffic on one place .

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What I know so far is it’s going to be named gigs.google, I think we should relax and see what plan they have.
Team Electroneum.

Where did you hear that? Gigs.google?

Richard said its gig.guru not google.

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Oh okay then I might wrongly Heard him

Just cant relax because premium names are rarely available they need to grab before someone does…

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Lol but Richard and His team Knows What’s good for the community,so no worries

Community forum is opened just so that Etnteam can get ideas from here and other helpful reasons.

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