Türkiye 'de etn kabul eden şirket var mı? Any company that accepts etn in Turkey?


This Mehmet Ali calling you from Turkey! I am the general coordinator of GM Informatics located in southern west of Turkey though I am cyber security expert and crypto currency enthusiast. Find me on linked in let’s discuss what we can do for altering bank systems in Turkey! Long live #crypto long live #etn


What can you do in Turkey to promote Electroneum?



sistem koin anlaşma yaptı bu konuda iyi olmuş hayırlısı olsun bakalım .siz ne gibi şeyler yapabilirsiniz ?


Bir eğitime yönelik e-ticaret sitesinde etn kabul edeceğiz. Onun dışında crypto currency bilincini yaymak için konusmaci olabilirim. Ben CEH sertifikalı siber güvenlik uzmaniyim aynı zamanda bankalardan bıkmış bir iş adamıyım. GM Bilişim adında bir BT danışmanlığı şirketim var.


I am very hopeful with the turkey comunity and the future users.


I just find this article. There is some referal code but it doesn’t matter who use it. Because if we grow us a community we every get profit in future. So share it everywhere and we need to be more visible at other crypto newspapers… https://www.isinburada.com/electroneum-mobil-madencilik-yontemi/


güzel hayırlısı olsun inşallah başarılar dilerim etkinlik olduğu zaman burada paylaşın geliriz .:kissing_heart:


hopefully redwan brother hopefully we gonna hit that sound loud here in turkey :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Just spread the use case of ETN with your friends and family. One by one we will change the world.


Hello to our Turkish friends :+1: pls vote for ETN in this poll :slight_smile: thank you :+1:


Better not to fall for these votes… many came and gone instead the user gains followers and shills their coin to our users.


Smart people are able to make a right decision on their own. Don’t worry.


Speaking from experience. :slight_smile:
And its off topic too if you look at it.


Sir, yes sir. I regret it deeply, sir. My bad.


Please share this with your Turkish friends at multiple media chanels or via mail list…