Turkey operator top-up problem

Hi community, Etn is sent, but the operator does not top up the phone lines. Can you provide information on how a transaction needs to be done? thanks.

Can you confirm that you are attempting to top up your phone through the Electroneum app?



I paid Turktelecom operator in 6 December. However, top up did not load.

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:point_up: is this an electroneum support or a turk telecom issue


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Turk telecom is suspect.

If the payment went through successfully, then it’s in the hands of the company to resolve if they credited the account or not. :+1:


Thankyou for the quick reply :+1:

@SAGE84 please contact turk telecom support department…


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There is no information on the Turktelecom page that an agreement has been made with ETN. And there is no information on the other operator pages.

Therefore, I ask ETN support team to solve this problem. Because the operators do not inform them that they have implemented this agreement. Thanks.

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@BegaMutex :point_up: what do we do ?

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I’m sure the support ticket he has raised will tell him his next step.

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