Transactions transparency


I have transfered 202,890.47 ETN from my offline wallet to my online wallet via mobile app QR code, on the 23rd Sep it’s now the 4th Of October, still processing, I’m getting beyond frustrated.
I also have around about 50,000 or more ETN bought at ico at 30% discount which were lost in space when the launch was postponed due to security risk, everyone was told we hadn’t lost the etn as it would be returned to our wallets once Hackerone had sorted out the attempted breach. I’ve been ever so patient trusting in the system, “well I gave up on that being returned ages ago”, I have now payed my partner back $500 for that glitch even though I suppose etn can blame the hackers for pinching my coins, my partner was locked out of her account and when she was able to get in again the 50,000 coins were nowhere to be seen.
As well I’ve withdrawn & transfered 10,000 coins from Cryptopia to my online wallet nearly 2 months ago. sent a support ticket and checked it last Sunday the ticket has been closed, why?
I have invested my time, passion, and money into ETN from ico to today, I love this project.
This is not how I want to lose faith, effort, and trust in something I believe so strongly, to be fair it’s time my commitment and loyalty was returned. I’m not going to go quietly if I get burnt again. The exchange and offline wallet transactions need to be reliable, as much as the instant payment system, if they were I’m 100% positive I wouldn’t be writing this.


If there isn’t any ‘‘catch’’ involved, you should get a response if you create a ticket. I had a transaction problem that was solved only after 11 days. Keep trying. You won’t receive help here on the forum, but most likely by visiting the support page.


I’ve posted tickets for this already. For lack of wanting to sound like a complainer, I’ve waited for a response for so long, when I checked last the support ticket had been closed. To be fair that side of the world open doors around the time I’m off to bed in Sydney Australia, I work 5 days a week and that makes weekends the best oppertunity for sorting out this mess. In this day and age there shouldn’t be barriers that restrict reasonable consultation.


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with your coins not being transferred. Furthermore, I am also sorry to hear that the resolution you have received was not to your satisfaction. Can you please provide me with your support ticket number, I will pass it along to the colleague who will look into the matter.



Hope this gets sorted for you both… I have faith in the etn team …

Good luck keep the community posted .


Thanks Chris, we do to, your kind words are appreciated.




Dear Brent,

Apologies for my delay in reply, we are on different time zones. I emailed you directly so that your privacy is respected and maintained.



Thank you,
I won’t be sharing anymore in relation to this issue until its sorted out. I didn’t think the info in my last reply would go onto the community forum page so I’m relieved I didn’t sound to desperate.


I also reached out to you on telegram, you can reply there and we can start getting to the bottom of things.