These empty blocks need to be addressed!



serious money wont invest in this blockchain…


It can be fixed. It needs some attention that’s for sure. I’ve been waiting 30 minutes.


Of course and my friend waits from 22 october for withdrawal from OFFLINE wallet…4 days withdrawal? I write and say months ago that tech isnt our good part.
If we want to partner with big brands this need to be fixed ASAP - hire some tech experimenced developer.
I like andre and dean but we need some senior from monero or other good and respected person!
In white paper is writen: nothing from writen was done - still from march only 20 languages and small team from beginning… you need to work harder and show us your potential @ETNCEO you need again read the whole white paper and say when you start delivering what is there writen… we are waiting 1 year… i know that isnt everything right now and we need to have patience but i do not see movements in translating and hiring the stuff to your office - only hear or read here that you are closing the tickets because havent people to answear to this high grow due to KYC…


Because of reports like this, I stay away from the offline wallet. I’m waiting for a hardware wallet


But i filled in january over 10 offline wallets (with big amounts…) and I am afraid then after 1-3 years I be not able to do withdrawal… :frowning: so for me its not so happy…
And hardware wallet would be AMAZING… :slight_smile: and solve a lot of problems…


A company called Ellipal claims they have such a wallet. They mentioned this about a month ago on the forum but they got removed. I haven’t followed up with them yet.


1.Why are blocks empty ? Surely if they have been mined they get wiped … I have no idea … looking to learn
2.also I’ve heard they mine empty blocks why would they do that ??


So many transactions Pendiente and I only see is empty blocks!

So this is what fast transaction looks like? More than 23 minutes and the transactions are not being proces?

Not even Bitcoin is that slow.