The price is down, What shall i do


Should i sell and have a week in benidorm, i could do that. Or should i buy more and hope to buy a car? no i just decided i am going to keep hold and then later go to barbados then buy a car. go electroneum. the best thing i have been involved in.


This is something temporal even if it’s down now, don’t sell it,Giant’s of all bitcoin also do experience this


Hi mate, i was trying to be funny, i know if i wait i will go to barbados eventually rather than benidorm now.


Buy, buy and buy some more!


I am trying, no one should be bothered about the price dip, its just a good time to buy more. Wish i had more £ to spare


I agree with you! A great time to buy more, in my opinion. I still have every faith in the electroneum team. I don’t have much yet but might buy a bit more tomorrow to accumulate my hodlings!

You will get to Barbados, my friend :smile:



Hi sally, i hope you are a women, but anyway, can i tell you what i am doing. Just to get a bit more etn what i do is use bit tube to collect free coins, then transfer them to bittrex then turn them to bitcoin then to etn i only get a few but its worth it. have a look


I do the same, by any means necessary I try to accumulate more.


a little today could be a lot tomorrow


To sally, You may not have mutch, but keep it, just get a little bit more when you can and keep hold for now. You are doing the right thing x


Haha Sell and Buy high


better hold if you are in loss, and add more to the pot when it dip cause you are buying what you loss


Lets make this very clear, if you sell you Electroneum anytime in the next 1-2 years, it will more than likely be the biggest finical mistake of your life. If you want ETN to make you rich then you need to hold on 5-10 years. But if not then I am sure you will settle for $1 ETN when you could have waited a few more years for $50,$75 $100 plus dollar ETN. If you are already thinking about selling I do not have much hope that you will fully understand just how valuable those ETN coins are!


Exactly! I understand the road to moon is a bumpy one, but at least it’s not news any longer. You ain’t doing anybody a favor if you choose to sell or HODL. Just ask yourself this “Do I believe in this project or not?” Your decision lies next to your answer.

Cheers guys


Hi @915c3ec1eb89f03b0364 Thank you. I just made a bit tube account and have found some very peaceful music to listen to in the background (after I watched the new Richard Ells interview of course!). Sally :slight_smile:


Hey i would like to ask you about how the Bittube works… Do i really have just to Watch videos for tubes? How much time does IT take approx. to get 1 tube?


Hi Dave, I just created a playlist of Allabouttech and crypto NWO, 99cents etc and leave it running, I’m unsure of the time it takes to get one tube (it’s not quick,) but like the ETN mobile miner it’s free money apart from electricity of course. Easy done. You get paid 8 days after you have acknowledged airtime. If you up load vids you get more Tubes than for watching. Easy stuff you even automatically get a wallet when you sign up. Incidentally you do get some airtime rejected, I have no idea why. I hope this helps. Of course you could always sell your Tubes for ETN!


I got IT - ~0.01 Tube/3 minutes :slight_smile:


I think it’s a nice idea. I think Steem or Steam whatever is the same sort of thing. I haven’t bothered to look into that though.