The nigerian soul and etn mass adoption


Distinguished Investors,
One must be a Nigerian to understand our true nature.The core nature of a true Nigerian is :" we no dey gri",simply mean in good English " we don’t settle for average".Accepted a few of us are busy spoiling things for the great majority.Nevertheless Nigerians have a thirst for tech ,we like anything that would make life simple.Most African countries were already using GSM before Econet Wireless and MTN came to Nigeria.I remember going to Cotonou in 1999 to buy frozen chicken ,what a surprise! Even market women and cart pushers had a GSM.Whereas we had none in Nigeria.But in 2000 Econet Wireless and MTN came.The story changed.We have Smartphone users than the eleven west african countries combined.That is not all we the first set of people to use double sim card in Africa.Before 2000 who knew TECHNO,GIONEE,iTEL,FERO,etc?Nigeria has made this brands popular.Nokia and Samsung are struggling,why?Because the under rated Nigeria.If you judge us by what you watch TV ,you’ll loose.Because for every 6 African 1 is a Nigerian
What Richard Ells should do is this:Come to Nigeria and launch Electroneum ,those of us here would do the rest.Just this month i have sold more than 120,000 electroneum.If Nigerians can buy unlisted coins for millions of usd ,i don’t see why they won’t give ETN the widest publicity it deserves.


Great Nigerian…that’s the fact… We Nigerians can easily take serious part in this upcoming mass adoption… CEO Richard should try look into this write up… Cheers…


Hi Guys I love this passion.

We are working on something in Nigeria and The support from our Nigerian Brethren will be invaluable.
I will come back to you Once we have more locked in



That’s the spirit. Thus is what I have been meaning to hear.


Most excellent. Just 1 of these happens, the volume and demand for ETN will be stunning; Nigeria would be excellent indeed. Thank you @chris.gorman ; thank you @user81.



It appears that your message has been delivered to both Chris Gorman and Richard Ells, well done !


Waoooo.This is awesome


Please, we need Electroneum to be launched here in Nigeria. Just do the launching, and leave the rest for Top Bloggers and Internet Marketers to do the Promotion. In Nigeria here, we don’t need much talk, as long as you have launched it. My brothers can testify to this about (MMM Nigeria). There are so many Nigerians that have big sound online. Since the start of Electroneum, last year, we have been on the list of countries that bought etn at ICO. I bought over 100,000 on ICO. Sold and trade Thousands of ETN.
Hear our plea!!!


People don’t know the Nigerian soul.We know how to turn stones to money.i have said this before in this forum.I am happy another Nigerian is drumming it.The earlier the better.It’ll be a grave mistake if Mr Richard chooses to use our brothers in the diaspora who are not really in touch with the really in our country.However a launch is a must if we must deliver ETN to Africa,for every 6 African 1 is a nigerian.Mr Richard Ells should just come to Nigeria and launch ETN.Once the launch has been done ,he can hold meeting with a few Nigerians here in Lagos,and that’s all.Give us 12 months after the launch,ETN would be a household name.We have the zest to drive any technology.


I’m personally mesmorized when I see how many nigerians are into Electroneum. Hope it will become your national currency one day. :slight_smile:


They have too 2 groups at Facebook. I think that our target must be Philliphines, Mexico and from Africa - Nigeria plus Egypt and Kenya… We need more vendors and partners from there and also marketing in some TV…

And 2nd one so get in contanct with members in :wink:


Our target has to be the entire world actually. :slight_smile: