The hype train has left the station

So much hype!!

Kyc its coming…
Etn community store its coming…
Advertising and marketing coming…
Etn price rise its coming…
Hype news bla bla bla.
Solid dates work better in my Opinion. Specialy when you deliver on time…

We are half way into October! In what way will there be advertising and marketing? Online ads?physical billboards? Sky wrighting? Smoke signals?
Give us some information…
And what date will the advertising and marketing start?
We need buying volume(more users) not hype …

The best Hype news for me today is for you to not be so hyper hyped up about nothing, be calm everything will happen as its suppoose to?


SOON :smiley: SOON :smiley: have patience like me :smiley: its true that they didnt inform us bcs otherwise you will buy and then sell in PUMP :smiley:


I couldn’t agree more…well said…:+1::+1:

There is a fine line where you have a captive audience. This is good because the keeners, like me and many others I am sure are constantly watching. If there were levels I would qualify at frenzy level. I am so sure something is coming I can’t peel my attention away for any really long amount of time without wondering if I missed “it” … it being the news. That said each day it takes longer it gives me a moment to reflect and realize it has been a very long time since I have been so optimistic about a project. I was in right from I.C.O. so I had doubt and worry on a number of set backs the team had in the very early days. Delays are expected to a degree, but I knew it would take time to get things in place. They have done an incredible amount in a short time which some of us forget. It is almost like we are spoiled. So although I am always optimistic, I am also willing to wait because deep down I am in for the long haul no matter what. If they release news right now or tomorrow, it is still moving us forward. Get on the train and enjoy the ride to the shuttle!


Every single thing the team does is precisely planned and for a reason at a set time. The longer you wait the clearer the picture becomes.


I think sometimes is better to close everything and check in 5 years lol but its imposible.

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I would love to do just this but in too deep lol. I did an 18 k walk today just so I wouldn’t stare and my friggin screen for two minutes longer lol. I get it, and it sure would be nice to see the numbers move north!!!

Stephen A:
CNBC: KFC rival Jollibee expands into the UK market.