The ETN Fomosapien Rocket To Mars’ Moons Club. Vol2; It’s all about the Gig

No need for this comment IMO, this doesn’t help in any ways. From what I know, MinerETN has gone through some stuff, and he wants gratification to come easier and faster and I can understand him on that. I too get frustrated at times that our price doesn’t reflect our progress when I compare us to many other projects that really is just made for trading on a exchange.

Our day and age will come, I’m quite sure personally. The fundamentals is frankly to strong to get ignored forever, however I can’t foresee a timeline. When everything is launched, such as GIG, E-Learning, the coming two forks. Unless anything starts happening in combination with that, then I won’t believe crypto will ever make it into everyday life.
But TIME is essential.
Edit* I do understand that it is hard when dates are given, and not meet. But in the grand scheme, everything that has been promised they have confirmed they are still progressing on each and every one of them. From what I understand, the coming forks are pretty essential for moving forward aswell in regards of USB storage etc.

I do though believe that BTC will become a quite accepted store of value in coming years and future.
And I DO believe that ETN will be one of the biggest cryptos for everyday people.
Not advice for investment.

*Edit again, this is also why I would like the team to stop preannouncing announcements in timelines as it breaks the community appart. I’d rather they speak of what they are working on and aiming for, but in regards of when(s) I rather they keep completely quiet about that part until the day comes when it is launched and a reality.
Thank you,


Something big is coming. We are gonna be going crackers! When it is finally all launched and marketing begins!

Electroneum team has shown exceptional progress and growth as well as flexibility. We couldn’t ask for a better team, or leader, or project.

Good things take time to develop. Cutting edge new things which require strategic secrecy may appear to be dead in the water. No news. But…

They have learned to drop big news which satisfies the serious investor while their primary effort is spent securing these deals in 17 more countries.

Huge things are on the horizon. And the sun is about to rise.


In reality I get kicked off the “number of miners” sometimes because as soon as I enter the app after pin login the number jumps by 1.


But are you really kicked off or is it still mining in the cloud for your account?

You saying that each time you open the app your miner is inactive and you have to press start mining?

There are only two states your miner could possibly be in ACTIVE or OFFLINE

If it shows as active and the blue START CLOUD MINING button is not showing then you aren’t getting kicked off just because another app forces you to restart your phone.

Active or offline are the only possible states your cloud miner can be in …and it’s not going to go offline unless you fail to extend within a 7 day window. your miner is active on their servers regardless of whether or not you have the app open and logged in with your pin.

Unless you press stop cloud mining or don’t extend it.


They are just keeping us in the loop with current thinking, because we have such a hunger for information. Surely people don’t think their potential profit is affected if Gig launches in November instead of September? The important thing is it launches, and it will.


A gentle reminder of the gentle reminder… Lets keep it constructive at all times please. Thank you.



Any basic confirm idea why price is under mark when we have so much tie-up, MVNO and other partnership.

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Simply put, current investors are already filled up with all the ETN they want to hold. ETN needs a whole new group of investors, and that will come once Gig and all the other countries are released. Many are scared to buy more now, because ETN has a way of not meeting their own deadlines. Many bought in Sept., expecting Gig to be out by the end of the month, and now it is delayed yet again. Everything should hopefully be ready to go by Christmas. One day, this whole thing will absolutely blow up, and these low prices will be a thing of the past.


I think potential new investors don’t see the telecom tie ups alone as adding value, hence why we hear the term “charity coin”, they need to see other parts of the ecosystem go live as well, so it’s not just handing out mobile miner coins to people. That’s if they even think about it that closely. Could be that they just think it’s always gone down so it always will go down, and they go off to buy at the top of something more exciting.

Here’s another way to look at it… what do you think our price would be without South Africa, Brazil and Turkey? Or if they weren’t making the behind the scenes developments that they are? Probably very, very low… much lower than it is now. But instead we have a coin in the top 100 that is holding steady in price with potential for future gains. That’s great isn’t it?


I also sit on pins and needles waiting on announcements, but I have always thought it would be 5 or more years to see a return. I have had my moments of fear as well, but I am trying to make sense of something complicated, in which I only have a couple years of experience to draw on. Inevitably, every time I start to feel that way, I learn more, and end up relaxing. Not one thing that has caused me worry in this project has been explained in an unsatisfactory manner. So I’ll keep accumulating.


We seem to exist on a very similar wavelength. 20 squirrels


You all have to listen to this!!! :grin::v:


When i first heard of Bitcoin it was introduced to me as a get rich quick. Jumped on Titanic just before it hit the iceberg in late 2017. In those 2 years I learned and seen that this is not the case. It takes time, patience and some balls to put somewhere money where it can go to zero.

This past two years made me very strong and confident, and my believe in Crypto in general is bigger than ever.
Lost quite a lot of money, but it was a great learning.

Now I just accumulate as much as i can every month. Not just ETN, but also some other Alts. In this two years i learned its better not to have all eggs in the same basked.

i know i will be nicely rewarded someday :slight_smile:

Keep hodling guys :slight_smile:


5 years for a return? It all depends at what price you bought into. Anyone buying now will see masive gains over the next 6 months.


I won’t complain about that, but I will still be here if we don’t.


“Anyone buying now will see masive gains over the next 6 months.”

Wasn’t that the general consensus 6 months ago and 6 months before that and…


Nice User number and Active miner number increases since the Announcement in Turkey…

Registered Users…3,341,793

Active miners…214,879

39,063 New registered users have signed up…!!

10,123 New active miners…!!!

Once the Gig site is up and running and additional countries join, I expect these numbers to increase dramatically, the Reason being That’s when the Massive Marketing and Advertising will begin in earnest…

If you guys listened to the podcast with Richard Ells he said They have 3 Million Euro and 40 Million in crypto at their disposal …!

That’s Huge…!!

Since the beginning of last month…

Date …user numbers…active miners

*9.27.2019…3,302,730…MM…204,767 Turkey announcement


I think that 10k/39k is not a good ratio. It shows that 74% of the ppl don’t sign up because of the mobile miner but because of something else

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The difference now is that the last main pillar of the project is almost complete. Also, the price before was based primarily on hope and speculation. We now have hard data to work with.

The price could go to “free”, and there would still be people scoffing saying the price will keep dropping. :joy:

ETN is so undervalued compared to the rest of the crypto market, that there is far more room for ETN to go up than down.


Here he is again he’s a one man instrument!

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