Thank you for solving my kyc problem

I recieved a mail today that my level 2 kyc documents were accepted.
They did take my NID as the other asked documents were not there.
Thank you @ETNCEO and Etn team

I’m still stuck in pending :joy:

I put my level 3 in yesterday u didn’t check if I got accepted yet I’ll do that later :thinking:

Yay I have level 2 , not sure if I’ll need level 3 … :thinking:

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The way I see it if I completed it then I don’t have to worry about it later when I do need it :blush:

Nice to hear that @Redwan

  1. Did they need a proof of address (Utility bill) ?
    If not, can I also upload my National ID in “Supporting Document” field ?
    Cuz I’m stuck at Level 2, too

  2. There are 3 fields … ( Job Title - Employer - Tax Number )
    Can I put ( Student - Unemployed - / )
    And leave Tax number field blank as we don’t have Tax number in my country ?

I will be really thankful if you could help me out … Thanks

Heey @lyoko they do ask for proof of your address so a document that will provide it will do and yes you can fill in that you are a student and leave the tax field blank if you are a student in your current country as far as i know it wouldn’t matter and it most likely will get approved then i think :thinking: I hope this helps and hopefully you’ll get approved for the next level!

Thanks @PHXInvestors

My National ID contains my address on it ( in Arabic ) and my Passport also contains my address on it ( also in Arabic )

Also all utility bills here in my country are all in Arabic …
So I don’t know if I uploaded my National ID like @Redwan did, will it be accepted ?

That’s my concern …

I think it will be accepted @lyoko as long as they can see your address or everything on your passport or ID :blush: There is only one way to find out if they approve it and that is to upload it :wink:

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Great! I will give it a try now :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your help

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you are very welcome @lyoko :+1:

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You upload it if you don’t have the asked documents and then take a support ticket explaining why you upload NID
I did the same and they probably did some research on my country laws and accepted mine

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OK … I have uploaded my NID and I will raise a support ticket now
Thanks @Redwan

Remember that my first upload was rejected and after they saw my support my second time uploaded file was accepted.

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OK … Good to know
Thanks :+1:t3:

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Yup same here may as well get it done , it’s gonna happen so…