Tax Number for level2


I think theres no need for tax number . In my country only rich people have that tax number and tax is only for rich people . I hope etn team will solve this


Better get your tax number ready, you going to one of those rich people as soon as ETN moons! lol




Thats what i meant . How i wanna get the tax number if im not qualify ? Plus all people want to avoid tax


Well where I come from (USA) Avoiding taxes is the quick and easy way to not only lose all your $hit but also find yourself behind bars! The days of being able to do illegal things with ETN are coming to an end! Like hiding your money from your government!


make sense tho . But back to the question, how i wanna get tax number if im not qualify?


That is correct, you need to be able to verified with that information just the same if you wanted to go open a saving or stock account. These are required by EU law so if you can not provide that then ETN will not be the coin for you.


Then everyone that invest in ETN going sell their coin if their cannot verified the KYC ? KYC is okay and i like it too . But tax number not everyone have it and not everyone qualify . If ETN is not for me i can’t even sell it now because I can’t transfer the amount since i haven’t verified the kyc lvl2 because of the tax number.


You can put all your coins on an exchange and not have to worry about any of this, it is only a issue when you store your coins in the mobile or online wallet.


Your ssn goes in that section to get approval


I am a little concerned that all this information is being asked for a coin that is meant for the unbanked who generally does not have such information to provide…we are in a catch 22 here…

I know the team will work the problem, but if banking the unbanked involves requiring information that only the banked typically has…well…hmmm…


i will just wait the new update about it. hope their can solve it


it would be nice if im in US . but im not :frowning:


hmm. just wait the update then xD



I have answered your question on the below link

Hope this answers your question.


Thanks buddy , would try this up


Btw what is SSN in US ? Its company that you can claim your money when you already retired and old enough?



SSN - Social Security Number :slight_smile:


I think i already know . Thanks again xD


Done . All only take 5minutes to complete except lvl2 need a day . For tax number i use the same thing like SSN in my country . Thanks team and community!