Talking ETN - Full Podcast Volume 1 - With Chris Gorman OBE


Hey Everyone,

As promised the full video is out.

Panel Members:
@xterest - Me
@AllAboutTech - Mick Ambrose
@SeanDavis - Crypto for the People
@chris.gorman - Director of Electroneum

We discuss ICO Money status and how they are still in great shape, Community KYC concern solutions, crypto market and how ETN matches up, plus a lot more!



I like :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: Volum 1 :open_mouth: is there a volum 2?


Great podcast, thanks, maybe in next episode if he asks for ideas you could suggest adding contacts list to app :smiley:


Yes, we are working on Volume 2. Should be about a week.


Can’t wait! Great work @xterest we appreciate all of your hard work! Awesome stuff :zap::zap::zap:


Can you work on the sound quality of the video, because everything is awesome but the sound. Happy days :slight_smile:


Finally finished job, looking forward to listen&watch this :smiley:


Brilliant interview, Chris is very passionate. It is very re assuring having a transparent and caring team. We couldn’t have better leaders at the helm.