Suppoman still refers to ETN as a shitcoin in his latest video, cant wait to see the smugness be wiped off his face soon

Just listen to the total disparaging way Suppoman who is suppose to be a crypto influence talks in regards to ETN even after acknowledging ETN is the top gainer and that it released a ground breaking technology he just totally trys to explain it away as rubbish and ignores it and has absolutely no idea why people are interested in ETN , he was totally dismissive to over 2million users, Its these kinds of people in the space who clearly have an agenda and vested interest in pumping up their own coins over others at the cost of real technological advances. This really gets to me !!

Check from 28mins 27 secs in

ETN are the quiet achievers, just keeping there heads down and getting on with the business.

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there are fudders that fud all over any and every ETN youtube video as soon as they come out…it’s like they’re just sitting there waiting. really weird. and the majority of crypto youtubers won’t even mention ETN. it’s obvious what’s going on.

All very true responses. And in all honesty if we have haters or jealously it’s just a normal response. As long as Electroneum keep calm and carry on which we know they will.

I think Suppoman is a big fudder who will be disappointed sooner or later :yum: who knows secretly he also has ETN wouldn’t surprise me :joy:

Now that would not surprise me in the least , I bet he has millions of coins and he just joined the slagging of bandwagon as it gave him more subs.

Yeah that also who knows he just tries to fud to buy more when low :yum:

Hahaha yeah I didn’t think of that one " good call "
Don’t like the bloke , never have and never will .
Well it’s Friday , wonder if we get some good news …

I hope that we get some awesome news also :sunglasses:

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Well the price is still up , green candles … what a great start to the nearly weekend …

When did a top player, team or project, had an easy life?
This is the price for being there.

There is no way to gain something easy :yum:

The cryptos which have the most impact on the future are the ones which pass undern the radar or go unnoticed by many.ETN is one such crypto.

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Tho I don’t have much followers I will attack him too,and tell him to shut up cos electroneum just started and he knew nothing about etn agenda,
So I’m sure he’s paid to talk like that

Hi @Emmanuel, did you manage to create your own youtube channel yet?
Please link it when it’s up and running :smile: :+1:


Yes its on air but still doing more things so I will share the link here when I’m finally set now it’s testing mode :roll_eyes:


Gen-X version:


Gen-Y version:

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Africa people unit, love love


…the impossible just takes a litte longer… :heart:


But it’s only 2 years why are they worried,

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