Status questions ledger, vouchers, listings

to whom it may concern,

i was going thorugh recent and not too recent news articles and company updates, which reminded me of a couple of topics that were brought up earlier but i am struggling to find an update or conclusion on some of them. maybe there is somebody around here who can answer them?

in no particular order:

  1. were are with the ledger integration? can we expect that at some stage? is somebody working on it at the moment or did we drop the ball?

  2. Vouchers, in particular Amazon & Netflix. it was mentioned in the news that other ‘countries and regions would follow in the comming weeks and months’.
    as far as i can see there were no countries added after the initial news. is that work in progress or did we drop the ball?

  3. Exchange Listings. this is on the roadmap for years. we announced reoccuring binance applications, even via official channels. is that been worked on? will the ETN SC have an easier stand in terms of exchange listings?

any insight more than welcome

  1. The team have discussed how integrations for Hardware wallets will have to be rewritten for the new Electroneum Smart Chain. No point updating them for the current Aurora version when its being replaced this year.
  2. Not sure whats happening with the vouchers, likely just delays. These things happen. Providing as many ways as possible to spend your ETN from the app is, and always will be, a top priority.
  3. Yup, the Binance applications were not successful. Yes listings are always being worked on, but low volume cryptonight coins are not very popular with exchanges. I wont speculate on whether it will be easier with the new smart chain, but its plain to see that projects which are simple to integrate and are decentralised have a much easier time getting listed on top exchanges, so make of that what you will. :+1: