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Thinking ahead, as the Starlink Build out is moving quickly for worldwide affordable high speed internet access (targeting rural areas and those who lack access first) It would be advantageous for the Electroneum team to pursue a partnership or at least a payment integration providing a payment option for the unbanked of the world.
Starlink’s service goals blend perfectly with Electroneum‘s current roadmap and fits nicely as the utility payment gateway for the unbanked.
This is a huge opportunity with a organization(SpaceX) that is known to think outside the box and quickly Integrate cutting edge technologies. Such as is the nature of the situation, the team would need to start reaching out right away and confidently offer the solution before another player steps in. Because without a doubt someone will be providing that connection and this is a huge opportunity for Electroneum to shine.

Interesting idea, I hope the team will look into this!


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Everything Elon touches Im supporting. Strong support for this aswell as it Will likely be some of the biggest internet providers in due time

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