Splinterlands, a card fighting game that accepts Electroneum

Splinterlands is a card fighting game in the Dungeons & Dragons type genre.
You buy packs of cards (5 cards random) for $2 each and they accept Electroneum as payment along with many other cryptocurrencies.

You purchase the 2000 credits with paypal or crypto and then you buy the card packs using the credits you purchased and then you open the packs to see what kind of cards you got. To make an account I used my WAX wallet to login which is a crypto that is specifically for NFT’s, it is also a staking crypto and you can find it on CMC as WAXP (don’t get it confused with WAXE which I think is somehow related to Ethereum). Wax wallet is at wallet.wax.io . Splinterlands also has NFT’s

If you use paypal they will limit you to under $20 in purchases the first day but if you use crypto it is unlimited but it takes longer. If you run into any problems go to the their discord channel.

After you buy the credits you use them to buy packs. Here I am buying 6 packs with my credits.

After you buy the packs you have to open them. In the upper left hand part of the screen is the open button, just to the right of the shop button, the swirly thing.

Which brings you to this screen where you drag your packs from the left side into the whirlpool to open them.

After you open your cards you will get an animation showing the cards you got. Don’t worry if you get duplicate cards, if you do, you can combine them in your inventory screen to “level them up.”
Here is a pack I just opened. You are trying to get rare and epic cards. Don’t forget to combine your duplicate cards in your inventory to level them up.

They also have a market for the buying and selling of cards and they have tournaments to win prizes. Along with this they encourage using the Brave browser to earn BAT.

After you get enough cards to your satisfaction you can go to practice battle. They have a great tutorial and I won’t try to replace it here but the basic concept is this is how you battle other people.

You pick a spell caster card first.
Then you pick your tank (the guy that goes in the front that can take a lot of damage and give back the same). Then every card behind that guy is a ranged attack or a special case character. You have a budget of mana to use and each card costs mana.
As you fight in battle you earn crypto, it’s purple and it is in the upper right of your screen.
I’m still new to this and I am still trying to figure out how the NFT’s integrate with the game but it has been relatively fun so far.

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Am I the only one here playing this?


If you’re on telegram join the digitspin group…


No I play it too join digitspins Guild if there are any spaces, it ultimately up to him though. Do a search on Splinterlands :+1:

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It’s a great game by the way everyone

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