Sleeping giant?


Hi guys wanted to make this thread on the community forum to get peoples insights on why they believe in the ETN project/team and why this coin will skyrocket hopefully in the coming weeks.

I have a few myself.
1.) KYC - So much fud about this but I honestly think this is great especially with large business. No other crypto can get into this space if ETN can then every other crypto will be doing the same.
2.) Talk of cloud mining I honestly think this is better then mobile mining just due to ios mobile users missing out and also the people who do not have higher tech mobiles in the developing world. I think cloud mining can take us to the next level.
3.) Possibly 15 partnerships. Can’t wait to see who they are with.
4.) The accountant system Richard talked about in previous interview. I think this sums up the ETN team. Looking for new problems and going out and fixing it instead of relying on what other crypto’s do.
5.) A possible mobile operator? Loads of rumors about this but if true then who knows where ETN will be in 6 months never mind a year.
6.) Obviously Richard (and team). When ever he talks about ETN I just want to buy more coins :joy: so much interest in this project and if I was running my own company I would want the appetite he has.

Anything else I’ve missed or anything your excited about? Possibly been able to buy a Ferrari or Tesla :joy: with a couple of ETN in the future?

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Theres not really anything to suggest the price is going to skyrocket in the next few weeks that would purely speculation if you ask me.

There are lots of exciting things coming up for sure, personally over everything they are working on Im most excited about the advertising of woocommerce and instant payments being added to more sites I think in the nearer term this may get us alot of publicity. The mobile operators is taking along time and we have no real dates yet so everything else seems to be alittle ways off.

It’s very unlikely a single piece of news is going to sky rocket the price, especially based off what we know they are working on, things will likely be alittle more gradual then I think people expect. Sure I think we could see some gains like we have already seen or maybe double but time will tell…


Not sure if a major deal is announced possibly why there is a deadline for KYC then it’s hard to tell what the price could be but it might make a lot of people rethink this project and think it’s worth a chance hopefully making the price go up a few cents. But yeah hard to call in crypto anything can happen price wise


Of course but as I said it’s only speculation so nothing to suggest it in the next few weeks, we have alot to be excited about for sure. Im very interested to see what happens to the user numbers in the coming months and next year if this grows rapidly and even if our price was to fall this would still get us some great attention if we accumulate a whole bunch of users.

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

I think that cryptos before or later, will take the place of standard currency. Etn will be the first, thanks to KYC, to give the chance to take all the money you want and exchange clearly with etn.
A good thing to do is collect as many possible and keep a stash for the next 15-20 years, because if ordinary currency collapse, we get a little stash.
Maybe one day cryptos will be a reason for some kind of war…


Im quietly optimistic this is the “Sleeping Giant”.
I believe it to be one of the projects in the vast Cryptosphere with an advanced product for a vast and untapped potential market/s.
Scarcity in the available coins due to mass use and investment will surely bring about an increase in price.
The rate of increase will depend on the general sentiment in the market at the time and how it fits in to the various use cases.
A good working product makes headlines and a price.
Headlines dont make a product work or hold its price
Go hard go strong …go ETN…!


Thankyou for your words of encouragement.
I find it easy to contribute without too much emotion to exaggerate how much I believe in the success of this project.
I read it for its own goals and on its own merits and achievements to date.
Im not interested in the social media hype of projects, you tube videos etc…Iam, however,interested in the impact that it (being social media)has on investors decisions and the way its manipulated to financial advantage
I read a vast amount of content …I weed it all out and Im left with the conclusion that Electroneum will power its way into a very bright future.


Totally agree with you @Pahini everyday I have more bounce in my step as I realize I am part of something life changing. I don’t care when and even how I am along for the ride, contributing where I can with my optimistic perspectives and comments to bolster spirits and rise to the Moment of realizing we are all in this together and the train is now only getting started. IT is awesome waking up knowing you are on the winning team!!!


I feel thats an integral part of fighting the dump on any topic within the forum.
Im not too worried on price.
Its the attitude that steers me away from some projects.
Peace! @Thunder


Agreed! Even keel, right attitude, strong support in our community and elsewhere for ETN and each other and anything can happen!