Should Electroneum have it's own internal DEX? Multi-crypto wallet? If so, what type of coins should it support?

I love the Electroneum mobile miner & wallet. It is hands down one of the most secure crypto wallets available. Especially since they had it vetted by Hacker1. I feel like if they incorporated an Internal DEX or their wallet supported at least other crypto coins. Then the mobile miner/ wallet would be even more appealing to the population of people involved in cryptocurrency.

I think it’s too late for something like that. Other companies have already developed functional mobile wallets that support hundreds of coins.

I say electroneum should focus solely on ETN.

I’m sure they have zero interest in promoting competitive coins.

Maybe with other coins they might partner with in the future if they partner with other coins but else i agree with @Cryptor i think ETN is already really strong alone if they would do that it would be with coins that they might have deals or partnerships with in the future if that comes but else i don’t think they want to do that either let alone have interest in it at the moment like @mls880 says :thinking:

ETN only. So far its the only coin really trying to get out there.

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