Shopify instant payments coming soon! :)

So, I have finally gotten around to uploading a video demonstrating the app I made that integrates ETN instant payments to Shopify. As some of you may know, ETN got rejected for Shopify’s hosted payment SDK, so I got around that issue and put the integration into an app. It’s not ideal, but it works surprisingly well!
Before you watch the video You’ll notice I blurred out all QR codes and links. This is to avoid people finding the install link to my app, or seeing my name. As you will see in the video, it is not quite ready for beta use yet. If you notice I missed anything with the blurs, please do not attempt to install the app and let me know in a private message
Watch the video here!

Now I need your help

  1. Contrary to plugins for infrastructures like Wordpress, which are downloaded and installed onto each individual store, Shopify apps do not run on the Shopify infrastructure and are entirely hosted on third party servers. I originally hoped I would be able to transfer ownership of the app to the ETN team once I finish development. However, after speaking to @Egg, I fear that might be possible (tbd). If I don’t find any solution I may have to scrap the whole project for the following reasons: I don’t have the money to pay for hosting, and don’t own a server. I also don’t have the time to manage a backend. Finally, I simply don’t have any knowledge of the legal implications of storing sensitive “financial” information, such as private API keys

So, if anyone has any suggestions in regards to hosting the app, please let me know! Also, if anyone has any knowledge about the legal side of storing the API keys, could you please brief me? :slight_smile:

  1. I’m terrible at CSS, please let me know what you think of the design (aside from the order management page which I haven’t worked on yet
  2. Please let me know if you have any suggestions in regards to the additional features and functionalities I should add.
    I have already thought of the obvious:
  • Settings tab to change api keys and outlet ID
  • Displaying transaction IDs in the orders tab
  1. Please let me know if you noticed any issues in the video. I have already noticed the following after recording the video:
  • Typo in the HTML code the shop owner will have to paste
  • Forgot to tell the user to add my app url to the webhook url field of the Electroneum vendor settings area.

If you would like to see this app come to life, please take the time to see if you can help with anything mentioned in the list above, it would greatly decrease the time before I can start user-testing with you guys.

Kind regards,

This is so awesome even as a proof of concept its still cool, your ui design is nice. Hopefully some more can come from it thanks for sharing